How to Use Windows 10

How to Use Windows 10

A few months ago, Windows 10 has been officially launched either the premium or professional. For me the windows 10 is very good for its time now. In windows 10 this will make us modern humans because of its sophistication, but we also do not forget, where there is excess there is also excess. For details you can see on the official website that is Microsoft.

At first we will be surprised by the use of Windows 10's, To teacher or adults are still awkward to use windows 10, because practically difficult and complicated. For me the windows 10 was not as complicated as an adult it said. I really like when using Windows 10's. Despite that I will give way, how to use windows 10.
Here are the ways:

1. Activate Windows.
For how to activate windows you can get a serial number by the way, the first purchase directly from Microsoft and gain from hacker websites. And can also enable windows by getting Crack. For how to enter the serial number can be found in the following two ways.

a. Start --> click All APPS --> slide the cursor down --> Windows System Control Panel System and Security -->System (if here I've been active, you can see it in windows activation) -->  then click change product key -->and then input the serial number of your.
b. Here I will give it through a moving image.

How to Use Windows 10

2. How to Add Icon My Computer and Control Panel to the Desktop.
Once we activate windows 10 that we have, if we want to add my computer icon on the desktop and control panel below is how.

a. Right click --> click Personalization --> then click themes -->then click on the desktop icon settings --> yes, then check my computer and control panel there. And finally press OK.

3. How To Change Themes.
To replace the existing theme in your windows With her exactly by adding Icon my computer and control panel to the desktop. Here is how:

a. Right click --> click Personalization --> then click themes theme settings --> click-click the theme you like. To add a collection of pictures of the theme you can see in the blog

4. How To Eliminate beside the Start Search Box
May display windows 10 you feel less good as a result of this search box that wants to change it or eliminate it. Here is how:

Right click on the toolbar under -->then point the cursor to select the next search --> hidden.

5. How to Incorporate Account in Windows 10
Enter account in windows 10 serves to secure important files from the cruel hands of your friends, weakness here you have to connect to the internet if you want to activate your laptop. For installation means is below.

How to Use Windows 10

6. How to Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10
For how to turn off automatic updates in Windows is very easy, so you do not have to bother to turn it off. For the way is as follows.

a. The start button on the keyboard + R --> then type services.msc --> then locate the Windows Update met, then click and select the Startup Type: Disabled. (originally from Automatic then we've become disabled).
b. For the latter, click the start button (either on the keyboard or on the computer desktop) and then click Update and setting --> click Advanced Options -->Security--> Automatic Change to "notify to schedule restar"

7. How to Change Display Start Being fullscreen
Basically, look at the start can be viewed in two ways, first as Windows 7 and the second like a Windows 8. This marks the true Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 7 and 8. Here is a comparison between the two.

For how to change to windows 10 fullscreen. We can change it in the following way: click Personalization --> the Start --> Use Full Screen Star (from first off make on), to view the settings first and then remove the difference.

Perhaps only so first I share, if there is another experience I will add into this article, thank you

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